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NEW: Sveta Balm & Serum.

Get to know your new best friends for
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Sveta Care products are ...

Simple: In order for your skin to look and stay naturally beautiful, it only needs the right amount of two essential things: moisture and high-quality natural oils that work in depth and provide the skin with important nutrients.

Innovative: The new bio-certified and vegan Sveta Care products contain unique, well thought-out combinations of active ingredients and rely on natural, special power ingredients such as Reishi.

Different: All Sveta products are prepared manually and carefully packed by hand. Of course, only organic natural products and no artificial emulsifiers or preservatives are used in all Sveta recipes.

Our superhero for demanding and mature skin: Sveta Balm Intense repairs & relaxes.

Dry and irritated skin can have several causes – and in most cases it is difficult to treat all of them. Products with chemical ingredients, such as cortisol ointments, often put a lot of strain on the skin. Natural products with just a few, but 100% natural, organic natural nutrients help your skin to regenerate in the long term.

The rich Sveta Balm Intense repairs, nourishes and smoothes dry and irritated areas of the body. The balm reduces redness and excessive sebum production, has a circulation-promoting and cell-regenerating effect, while also protecting your skin against harmful environmental influences. The Sveta Intense Balm also prevents premature skin aging and soothes stressed areas. This is ensured by the active ingredient complex of high-quality oils, such as argan oil or sunflower oil and rice germ CO2 extract.


Our tip for the Sveta Balm Intense: The Sveta Balm Intense has a muscle-relaxing effect. Simply add a few Sveta Oil Drops CBD 8% and massage into the affected area.

To treat tense areas of the body, we recommend mixing in a drop of Sveta CBD Oil Drops 8% and gently massaging it in.

Der Sveta Balm Intense …

repairs, protects and regenerates irritated skin

cares for and smoothes dry skin

decelerates skin aging with natural nutrients

can be used as a day, night, heat or cold cream

The true treasure lies in nature.
And to feel nature is the real luxury.


Moisture boost for every skin type: Sveta Face Serum with 10% Reishi refreshes, tones and regulates.

The skin needs moisture just like a person needs water. Due to external environmental influences, genetic predispositions or an unhealthy diet, it can be prone to dryness and redness. The skin can only absorb nourishing nutrients when it is adequately moisturized.

The serum regulates the skin’s moisture balance with hyaluronic acid and betaine, while edelweiss extract prevents premature skin aging. The power ingredient obtained from the Asian Reishi mushroom gives the skin a special detox experience, has a toning effect and prevents age spots. The serum can be used in addition to the Balm Intense or on its own as a light day care product.

Our tip for the Sveta Face Serum: The serum means pure detox for the skin! It is best to apply in the evening directly in front of the balm and let it work for a short time – or use it alone as a light day care.

Lovingly pat one to two drops of Sveta Serum onto the skin. You can apply your favorite make up or the Sveta Balm over it.

Das Sveta Face Serum …

regulates the moisture balance of the skin

detoxifies and tones the skin

prevents premature aging of the skin

works as a supplement to the balm or alone as a light day care

Choose Sveta!

Sveta Face Serum

The Asian Reishi mushroom tones and effectively prevents age spots. A true detox cure for the skin!

The effective combination of hyaluron and betaine regulate the moisture balance of the skin and bring it back into a healthy balance.

Not just beautiful to look at: edelweiss extract provides the Sveta Face Serum’s anti-aging effect, as it prevents premature skin aging.

Sveta Balm Intense

The Sveta Balm Intense is full of high-quality oils – including valuable argan oil, which is known for its nourishing, antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

Harmful environmental influences cause our skin to age prematurely – rice germ CO2 extract acts as a natural protective shield, regenerates cells and reduces unwanted redness.

Sunflower oil contains valuable phytosterols. These strengthen the skin's barrier layer, soothe irritated areas and retain moisture.

Sveta - Feeling Nature: Who are we?

Sveta is a female startup brand from Vienna, Austria, founded by Svetlana Ilic.

We’re equally fascinated by and enchanted with the hemp plant and its versatility. That’s why we invest a lot of love, passion and time in the development of our hemp products. We test every ingredient and every step of the process to offer you the high quality that you deserve as a consumer.

We are …
local • organic • vegan • cruelty-free • eco-friendly • sustainable • responsible • fair • honest • independent • transparent • verified • valuable

We know …
… the challenges of our time and draw inspiration from modern innovation as well as holistic traditions on your behalf.

We stand …
… by your side as you find your balance, adjust your life’s tempo and feel your individual freedom.

We live …
… the passion for nature and the most beneficial herbal ingredients. We accompany you on the journey to find your new, healthy and modern lifestyle.

We declare …
… vegan and organic local products as our new standard – proudly and with full conviction!


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In Vienna & Salzburg, you can find Sveta at:

Tastery GmbH
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1070 Wien

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2351 Wiener Neudorf

La Vida Bio- & Naturkosmetik
Kendlerstrasse 122
5020 Salzburg

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